Sushanth's test environment

Welcome to my test zone
This site will contain my tests, designs, proof of concepts, ideas, research and prototyping mostly based on web and cloud technologies.
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CSS : Personalized minimalist css : bobber-minimal.css

Last updated : 2020/12/31

This contains personalized minimalistic CSS design for a simple webpage.

Tech used : css html

Firebase Experiments : Authentication

Last updated : 2020/12/28

Here some simple firebase authentication techniques are being tested which are Google(Federted Identity Provider category), EmailPassword(Other) and Anonymous(Other).

Tech used : firebase javascript css

Firebase Experiments : Event types

Last updated : 2020/12/23

Testing firebase events to understand how each events respond. Following events are being tested : VALUE, ONCE, child_added, child_changed, child_removed, child_moved. No server code, everything is in the HTML source code itself.

Tech used : firebase javascript css